Consultative activities can vary depending on district program needs. At times, the focus is on global initiatives such as program design, services development, capacity-building, and quality assurance. Milestones is well-positioned to provide support around these and other system-wide endeavors with its team of very experienced, doctoral-level professionals.

These services include but are not limited to:
  • Evaluating the needs of a district program through a needs assessment (observation, interviews with core team members, review of records/history, etc.)
  • Organizing the roles and responsibilities of key team members to support program development
  • Identifying resources (e.g., space, curriculum, personnel, etc.)
  • Meeting with core team members to prepare for program development initiatives
  • Developing and outlining a plan for training initiatives
  • Identifying members of the multi-disciplinary team to support program and establishing a forum for regular teaming
  • Planning to promote system-level change
  • Establishing an understanding of the culture and organization of the district and its existing programs as a resource to consultation
  • Establishing transparent systems for communicating program development initiatives to families and broader community (school personnel, BOE, etc.)
  • Understanding the current situation about program collaborating with key team members to evaluate and develop treatment plans for students with complex learning needs
  • Identifying training needs of the multi-disciplinary team and delivering training opportunities (i.e., didactic and on-the-floor) that are competency-based
  • Emphasizing the core features of evidence-based practices (such as Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • Supporting team members with navigating through barriers to achieving program goals
  • Evaluating past attempts at program planning and implementation in order to develop an effective plan for meeting the needs of the program