Our Approach

At Milestones, we use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a scientifically-backed discipline, to offer customized programs for each individual we work with. ABA is currently the only treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder that is endorsed by both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Surgeon General. ABA allows us to maximize each child’s potential by breaking down skills into small, achievable steps, or milestones. Through evaluation and positive reinforcement, we help each individual reach these milestones and ultimately help transform their lives.

  • Evaluation

    Every individual is unique. Since ABA is data-driven, we begin by gathering baseline information and preparing a detailed, customized plan for each individual. There are no cookie-cutter treatments, and we work with families, school districts, doctors and other providers. Any member of your child’s life is an important piece of our process.

  • Education

    Our customized programs are flexible, allowing for creative strategies to teach skills and increase appropriate behavior. Our staff works with each individual in a variety of settings to reach measurable goals in communication, social skills, play skills, education, and more. Each individual’s progress is tracked and monitored, and strategies are revised as needed along the way to achieve the most positive outcomes possible.

  • Transformation

    Our goal is not only to transform the lives of the individuals we work with but their loved ones as well. Ready to begin your journey? Contact us today.