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An Enriching, Supportive, and Results-Driven Community

Ask any staff member about the Milestones Mission, and they will tell you fairly easily: Apply the power of behavior analysis to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities or other educational needs.

But there is a lot more to it than that.

To better understand the Milestones philosophy, you can read about how it all began. It started by addressing a largely unfulfilled need amongst CT families for autism resources and grew into an organization of highly trained, passionate professionals who are always looking for new ways to grow and help families achieve results.

Milestones isn’t simply a school or an evaluation center. We are driven to advance the field of Behavioral Analysis by cultivating new practitioners and educating others about the field. When we see a need arise, we learn how to address it, then train our employees to become experts at doing so.

These dedicated staff members work across multiple locations — including our 3 state-of-the-art facilities, in a public school setting, at home, or in the community – to provide individualized behavior analytic programming; consultative services; adult day services for students who have graduated; and diagnostic and educational evaluations for families. We can even provide advanced intervention services for individuals with intensive behavior challenges in a variety of locations.

In addition, we assist others looking to start up similar programs in their areas and provide mentorship to those seeking certification as a BCBA or BCaBA. We provide education and training to the wider community including educators, doctors, dentists, first responders, and many others in the community.

At Milestones, our focus is on enabling individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to be valued members of their communities.


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