Feeding Clinic

Advanced Intervention Feeding Clinic offers customized feeding programs for children ages 2 years and up who are experiencing challenges with food intake and other mealtime difficulties.

Children appropriate for these services may be typically functioning or diagnosed with a developmental disability, including an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Using scientifically validated assessment and treatment procedures, our team identifies the child’s challenges, assesses why they are occurring, and then develops and implements individualized programs to overcome those challenges.

Our process includes working together with each family to understand, define and reach their feeding and nutritional goals.

Some of the feeding issues we address include:

  • Food refusal
  • Food selectivity
  • Challenging behaviors during feeding and mealtimes

For further information about the Feeding Clinic offered through Milestones Advanced Intervention please contact us at 203-799-4110 ext. 565 or [email protected].