How to Enroll at Milestones

We have a rolling admissions policy for all of our programs. This means that as long as we have an opening that would be appropriate for a given student or adult, they can be accepted at any point during the year, including the summer. Below are the enrollment processes for each program:

Wolf Harbor and Boston Post Road Campuses:

  1. Contact the appropriate administrator to arrange a tour of the program. For Wolf Harbor, contact Lisa Gregory at Preschool circle time or 203-882-8810 ext. 322. For Boston Post Road, contact Tracy Sanford at or 203-799-4110 ext. 537.
  2. Complete the application and submit it along with supporting documents. Supporting documents can include the most recent IEP, recent assessments, behavior plans, etc.
  3. After reviewing the application, you will be contacted by either the Principal or a Clinical Director.
  4. If we have an opening in the school program, we will arrange a time for an intake assessment for your child.
    1. Following the intake assessment, the team will determine if any of the openings we have would be appropriate for your child.
    2. Either the Principal or Clinical Director will typically be in touch to follow up with you within 2-3 days.

Assessment and Consultative Services:

Contact Erica Cardona at

Day Care:

Contact Erica Cardona at or 203-882-8810 ext. 341

Adult Day Services:

  1. Schedule a visit to tour our program, contact Nichole Swan at Hugh
  2. Ensure that our program is within the allowable travel range for your DDS’s region.
  3. Encourage your DDS case manager to visit the program.
  4. Ask your DDS case manager to send a referral packet to us at:
    1. Adult Services Program at Milestones
      925 Bridgeport Ave.
      Milford, CT 06461
  5. Arrange for our staff to visit with the applicant in their home and/or in their current placement.
  6. Arrange for the applicant to tour our program and meet with our staff for an intake.
  7. Upon reviewing the application, the supporting documentation, and the information gathered during the intake interview with the applicant, Milestones staff will determine if we have an opening that would be appropriate for the applicant.
  8. Final placement and funding determinations would be finalized and agreed upon at a DDS meeting.


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