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Adult Day Services

As adults, we often take for granted the opportunities to chooseadult-day where we live, the careers we pursue, the activities we participate in, and the friendships we develop and maintain. As our students grow into adulthood, our Adult Day Services provides the support and guidance they need to reach their fullest potential in all areas of adulthood including, community participation, recreation and leisure, social skills and independent living skills.

The program is built upon the premise that individuals of all ages and skill levels can continue to learn throughout their lifetime. It is designed to provide adults with autism and other developmental delays the opportunity to continue to expand upon existing skills, develop new skills, and encounter new experiences upon entering adulthood. Program participants have meaningful experiences designed to benefit them in all aspects of their lives. The goal is to maximize strengths, minimize obstacles, and enable each individual to live life in the least restrictive environment, with the least amount of support required.  Adult Day Services focuses on enhanced daily living skills, community experiences, recreation, and social skills development.

In order to ensure consistency across environments, we collaborate with outside agencies and service providers who work with the adults in our program.

For more information about this program, contact Nichole Swan at Visit our Enrollment page to learn how to register for this program.


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