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What is the length of a school day?

School is in session from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Do you provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation between home and school (either to/from). Our school program has licensed drivers and vehicles that can transport students for community outings and volunteer opportunities throughout the community.

Do you have Extended School Year (ESY)?

Yes. Our school programs are in session 220 days per year including the summer. Programming remains consistent during the summer months. The same instructors and IEP goals and objectives are worked on all year round.

Can my child attend your summer camp or ESY if they are not in your school program?

No. Only students enrolled in our school program have access to our camp and extended school year.

How can I arrange a tour of your program?

Parents, school district representatives, or other interested professionals are welcome to tour our program at any time. Please contact Principal Lisa Gregory for our Wolf Harbor Campus or Assistant Principal Tracy Sanford for our Orange Campus to schedule a visit.

Do you provide related services such as speech and occupational therapy?

Related services are not directly provided by Milestones personnel as a part of our school program. When these services are a part of a child’s education program, we work collaboratively with these providers to incorporate the skills they target throughout the entire school day. We utilize a “push-in model,” where related service providers work directly with the students in the classroom so that the skills being targeted can be generalized to the classroom environment and teachers.

Do you provide parent training?

Generalization of skills from home to school is an important aspect of a student’s education. We offer monthly parent training opportunities to assist families in addressing the needs within the home environment. We also collaborate with staff members who are working with our students in the home at the request of those staff members or the parents. More intensive parent training can be secured through Consultative or Advanced Intervention Services.



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